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A la carte

Platters "A la Carte"

Salad platters


Fresh platters


- Crudités, pita and dip    
  (baba ghanouj, mirza ghasemi,
  humus or grilled peppers)  (v)
- Brie and dried fruit  (v)
- Oka and fresh fruit  (v)
- Cheddar and grapes  (v)
- Crudités and dip  (v)
- Grilled marinated vegetables  (v)
- Cold meat (+0,50/pers.)
- Fresh fruit  (v)


Appetizer "A la Carte"

Middle-East salads


- Fattoush  (v)
- Tabouli  (v)
- Halloumi  (v)
- Humus  (v)
- Baba ghanouj  (v)
- Spinach  (v)
- Couscous and vegetables  (v)
- Morrocan torchi (carrots)  (v)


Traditional salads


- Italian (pasta)  (v)
- Beets  (v)
- Quinoa  (v)
- Mexican (corn, beans and vegetables)  (v)
- Potatoes  (v)
- Wild rice and vegetables  (v)
- Regular salad (chef, greek or ceasar)  (v)

-Beet and apple salad (v)

-Nicoise salad

-Fresh green salad

-Cabbage salad

-Orzo salad

-Grilled vegetable salad



Traditional appetizers

Voir la selection ici

(20 people minimum)

Festive bites

Voir la selection ici

(20 people minumum)

Cocktail appetizers

Voir la selection ici

(20 people minimum)

Sandwiches "A la Carte"

Vegetarian sandwiches


- Brie and nuts  (v)
- Spinach and feta  (v)
- Marinated and grilled tofu (vegan)
- Eggs  (v)
- Zucchini and cheddar cheese  (v)
- Old style cheese  (v)

-Boccocini and pesto (v)

-Eggplant and tomato sauce (v) 

-Vege-pate (v)

(5 people minimum)

Middle-East sandwiches


- Falafel  (v)
- Shish taouk
- Humus and grilled vegetables  (v)
- Shawarma

(5 people minimum)

Traditional sandwiches


- Smoked salmon
- Chicken and pesto
- Prosciutto and arugula
- Avocado and shrimp
- Smoked ham and Oka cheese
- Turkey and swiss cheese
- Tuna

-Roast beef


(5 people minimum)

Breakfast  "A la Carte"

- Assorted mini pastries 
- Cake of the day 
- Homemade cookies 
- Seasonal fruit 
- Cheese, skewer or platter 


- Cold meat tray

- Cheese tray

- Bowl of chips

- Vegetables and dip tray

- Nuts and dried fruits tray

Drinks "A la Carte"

- Fruit juice 
- Vegetable juice 
- Soft drink 
- Bottled water 
- Perrier 
- Iced tea 
- Tea or infusion 
- Fair trade coffee 
   12 cups thermos  
   24 cups thermos  
   40 cups thermos  
   60 cups thermos  

-Covered biodegradable 1,25 / pers

-covered complete reusable in porcelain 2,99 / person

-tablecloth 11$

-Rent of large coffee pot 20$

Let us know about your food allergies . We have a variety of vegetarian options , gluten free, lactose free, peanut free and other food restrictions.

Contact us

By phone : 514 738-8989  

By email :

Come see us : 7595 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2R 1W9

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