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Hot buffet

The Satiating


 Two choices of salads
- One choice of platter
- One choice of meal

Vegetarian  17,99 / pers.
Meat  18,99 / pers.
Fish or lamb  20,99 / pers.

- Two choices of desserts

The Whole


- Three choices of appetizers
- Two choices of salads
- Two choices of platters
- One choice of meal

Vegetarian  19,99 / pers.
Meat  21,99 / pers.
Fish or lamb  23,99 / pers.

- Dessert mix

Taste of the world


- Three choices of appetizers
- Soup of the day
- Two choices of salads
- Two choices of platters
- Two choices of meals

Vegetarian  21,99 / pers.
Meat  24,99 / pers.
Fish or lamb  26,99 / pers.

- Dessert mix

Choice of meals


- Vegetarian tajine  
- Spinach and mushroom risotto
- Vegetarian couscous
- Mattar paneer (homemade paneer curry with green peas)
- Vegetarian paëlla
- Vegetarian lasagna with spinach and cheese
- Vindaloo tofu

- Chicken and vegetable couscous
- Roastbeaf with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables
- Minced chicken, mushroom and dried tomatoes
- Traditional lasagna, with bolognese and bechamel
- Tajine (beef or chicken)
- Meat and eggplant gratin
- Peppers, stuffed with meat
- Roasted veal with lemon, artichoke and grilled peppers
- Chicken biryani
- Carrot and raisin rice with chicken and dried fruit
- Duck thighs confit with sautéed vegetables (+ 1,99 / pers.)

-Roasted pork with vegetables and mashed potatoes

- Salmon fillet
- Fish of the day
- Seafood lasagna
- Stuffed squid, with shrimp and mushroom on spicy sauce
- Paëlla
- Shrimp and chicken Thaï stir-fry with vegetables and rice

- Lamb and rice
- Lamb tajine
- Lamb shank, duchesse potatoes and caramelized vegetables

Warmer rental available for 20$.

Cutlery and beverages not included. Minimal order of 20 people.

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Let us know about your food allergies . We have a variety of vegetarian options , gluten free, lactose free, peanut free and other food restrictions.

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