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The catering service will be closed from monday 25th of july to sunday 7th of august 2022

Choice of meals


Cocktail appetizers

- Vegetarian spring roll  (v)
- Falafel  (v)
- Potato and cheese bites, with dried fish
- Crudités and dip jar  (v)
- Mini wrap (cheese and ham, tuna or chicken)
- Mini badbout
- Bite of tofu and vegetable sautéed in

coco butter  (v)
- Spinach square   (v)
- Mini tomato, feta and basil skewer   (v)
- Surimi, tomato and beets jar
- Crispy appetizers plate

-skewer chicken curry new

-skewer ravioli, cherry tomato and parmesan cheese new

-Arancini (rice ball witch italien spice)new

Festive bites


- Smoked salmon vol-au-vent
- Chicken or shrimp spring roll
- Shish taouk
- Potato patty with salmon and brie
- Prosciutto and fruit roll
- Mini pizza Middle-Eastern
- Spicy shrimp, caramelized with maple and soy
- Kibbé (beef, chicken or vegetarian)   (v)
- Mini grilled chicken and vegetables skewer
- Pastirma (cold cuts)
- Briouat
- Mini tuna fricassee
- Kebab (meatball)
- Breaded shrimp
- Cucumber and salmon roll
- Lahmajoun (lebanese beef pizza)
- Sautéed vegetables and chicken bite
- Soujouk
- Mini shawarma
- Chef’s creation

-Mini beef burger with cheese (or fresh salmon or marinated tofu)

-Brie and roasted nuts vol-au-vent

-Smoked salmon shell and sour cream new

-Boccocini, basil and red pepper nugget new

-Goat cheese and beets cracker new


Traditional appetizers

(Choice of appetizers for lunch boxes and cold buffet)

- All dressed focaccia  (v)
- Cheese, bacon or vegetarian mini quiche  (v)
- Samboussa (Meat or vegetarian)   (v)
- Spinach and feta turnover  (v)
- Eggplant or vine cigar  (v)
- Safiha
- Za’atar  (v)
- Croissant stuffed with olives, pickled vegetables or cheese  (v)
- Mini tuna and cheese muffin

-Melted cheese turnover

-Vegetarian mini pizza (v)

-Middle Eastern mini pizza

-Kibbé (beef, chicken or vegetarian)


-Chef's creation


Middle-East salads


- Fattoush  (v)
- Tabouli  (v)
- Halloumi  (v)
- Humus  (v)
- Baba ghanouj  (v)
- Spinach  (v)
- Couscous and vegetables  (v)
- Morrocan torchi (carrots)  (v)

Traditional salads


- Italian (pasta)  (v)
- Beets  (v)
- Quinoa  (v)
- Mexican (corn, beans and vegetables)  (v)
- Potatoes  (v)
- Wild rice and vegetables  (v)
- Regular salad (chef, greek or ceasar)  (v)

-Beet and apple salad (v)

-Nicoise salad

-Fresh green salad

-Cabbage salad

-Orzo salad

-Grilled vegetable salad






- Smoked salmon
- Chicken and pesto
- Prosciutto and arugula
- Avocado and shrimp
- Smoked ham and Oka cheese
- Turkey and swiss cheese
- Tuna

-Roast beef


Middle-East sandwiches


- Falafel  (v)
- Shish taouk
- Humus and grilled vegetables  (v)
- Shawarma

Vegetarian sandwiches


- Brie and nuts  (v)
- Spinach and feta  (v)
- Marinated and grilled tofu (vegan)

-Eggs (v)

-Zucchini and cheddar cheese (v)

-old style cheese (v)

-Boccocini and pesto (v)

-Eggplant and tomato sauce (v) 

-Vege-pate (v)




- Fair trade coffee
- Soft drinks
- Bottled water
- Perrier
- Fruit juice
- Vegetable juice
- Tea or infusion
- Iced tea

Fresh platters


- Crudités, pita and dip    
   (baba ghanouj, mirza ghasemi,
   humus or grilled peppers)  (v)
- Brie and dried fruit  (v)
- Oka and fresh fruit  (v)
- Cheddar and grapes  (v)
- Crudités and dip  (v)
- Grilled marinated vegetables  (v)
- Cold meat (+0,50/pers.)
- Fresh fruit  (v)


Desserts and

sweet bites


- Baklava
- Profiteroles
- Nutella turnover
- Desserts of the day
- Baghrir (moroccan crepe)
- Mini crepes
- Vanilla, chocolate, nutella,
   nuts, almonds or lemon cake
- Brownie
- Sweets
- Fruit platter
- Fruit salad

-Chocolate tartlet

(v) : vegetarian choice

Let us know about your food allergies . We have a variety of vegetarian options , gluten free, lactose free, peanut free and other food restrictions.

Contact us

By phone : 514 738-8989  

By email :

Come see us : 7595 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2R 1W9

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